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About Us

Just Thrift is the opposite of a large corporation! Our team and staff are not just co-workers; we consider ourselves to be a family!

On any day, step inside our office and see the excitement, love, and passion we have for thrift! At Just Thrift we have one goal; to give back to our environment and customers. With over 3 decades of experience in second use, we like to consider ourselves as one of the founding pillars of the thrift industry in Canada.

About Thrifting? Well, we’d like to say we’re the experts. Curating through 100’s of thousands of clothing articles a month, our staff is experienced in sourcing the best brand names for our customers! As we expand to the online market, we are happy to serve the rest of North America. A Canadian based company with aspirations of changing the world from expensive and time intensive, to thrifty and more time for family.

Just Thrift, providing you with designer brands at prices you love! 👜👠👔❤️
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